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A good online spice shop

I like to cook, and to cook tasty things I need good spices (and herbs). Local shops tend to have poor selection, very high prices, and stale product which is why I prefer to buy my spices online.

In the past I’ve bought from Penzyes, but they recently redesigned their website and it makes it very annoying to navigate their selection unless you know what you’re looking for. Sometimes I know what I need, and sometimes I’m just curious as to what is out there and want to browse.

For my latest order I decided to try out Savory Spice Shop and I am impressed. Their selection is great, their website is very easy to navigate, the shipping was very quick (both in terms of going out and actual arrival), and the packaging as well as attention to detail was wonderful. Each item was hand labeled with the sale date so I will know if it has been sitting around too long. Every item comes with simple, but helpful suggestions as to how to use it. Each product was carefully hand wrapped and packaged so things arrived undamaged and even neatly arranged in the box. On top of it all the shipping was free (for orders over $30), which is far better than another shop I was looking at where the cheapest shipping option was about $15.

I can confidently recommend them and will likely buy from them again next time I need a resupply.


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